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Johnny Appleseed (guest post by MW)

On September 26, 1774, Jonathan Chapman was born to Nathaniel and Elizabeth Chapman in Leominster, Massachusetts.  After giving birth to a third child, Elizabeth passed away.  The infant, Nathaniel, joined his mother in death just a few weeks later.  After the death of his wife, Nathaniel remarried and had 10 children with Lucy Cooley Chapman.

The family moved to Ohio in 1805 and there, John became an apprentice to Mr. Crawford, who was an orchardist.  Johnny fell in love with his job and earned his nickname, Johnny Appleseed, by traveling the country on foot planting apple orchards in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Ohio, leaving them with kind neighbors who cared for them.  John lived a simple life, wearing a coffee sack, carrying a cooking pot which some people say he wore as a hat, and sleeping outside.

Johnny was a religious man and preached the gospel everywhere he went.  Very few people did not enjoy meeting and talking with Johnny; even the hostile Native American tribes left him alone as they believed he was touched by the Great Spirit.

John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, died on March 18, 1845 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  No one is quite sure where he is buried.  Johnny Appleseed was a great man full of perseverance and strength, he would stop at nothing to make his dream come true.

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