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August 30 is full of Memorable Events

This list was compiled from History.com.

August 30 was a popular day in history around the globe.

Let’s start with the suicide of one of history’s “Bad girls,” Cleopatra, in 30 B.C.  Image

A Coin of Cleopatra VII, minted in Syria

In 1776, General George Washington gave the New York Convention three reasons for his retreat from Long Island, and he also refused General Howe’s 2nd letter of reconciliation.

In 1863, the Confederates mopped up with the Union army at the battle of Richmond, Kentucky.

In 1880, Apache Chief, Diablo, was killed in a battle with the White Mountain Apache in Arizona.

In 1918, Vladimir Lenin was shot twice in a failed assassination attempt.

And, in the not-so-distant 1967, Thurgood Marshall was confirmed as the 1st African American Supreme Court Justice.

There were even more events, but these seemed to be the big ones.

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